What is Key Colony Beach Community Association?

image KCBCA History The Former Key Colony Beach Chamber of Commerce transformed into the Key Colony Beach Community Association at the Chamber’s annual meeting on April 18, 1991. The idea had been kicked around for years as the Chamber’s mission had become community betterment rather than commercial development, the reason the Chamber started back in the mid 1950’s. Along with the name change, members also revised the purposes of the organization from: “…to aid in the development and reasoned growth…” to: “activities for beautification, security, safety and recreational enjoyment of the community.”
Along with becoming the Key Colony Beach Community Association, the Board felt a new slogan, a new logo, would inspire new energy and interest. They chose a busy bee and the slogan The Kaycee Bees-busy making our city better for everyone. To this day our seasonal newsletter name has morphed into the Key Colony Beach Bee Line. The then Kaycee Bee Line was started to share information about what goes on in our City as the now Bee Line still does. And, you will still see the founders original “bee” logo in the current Bee Line.

Key Colony Beach Community Association Board Members are:

President - Gail Cortelyou - 305-289-1295
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Vice President - Corky Spehrley - 305-289-1259
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Secretary - Cheryl Boehm - 904-708-6965
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Treasurer - Greg Lindeberg
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KCB Day Vendor Co-ordinator - Jean Hering - 305-393-6823
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Pat Fischer
Anita Alferes
Cheryl Boehm
Ted Fischer
Maureen Quinn
Ginnie Marr


Concerts - Kathryn McCullough

Membership - Pat Fischer
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For more info on membership [ Becoming a Member of KCBCA ]

Ticket Sales - Anita Alferes - 305-289-1885
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Volunteers & Parade - Ted Fischer - 302-841-9812
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Charities We Support

By holding holding various events, the Key Colony Beach Community Association raises money which helps support many local charities. The following organizations received donations from the KCBCA in 2019: Florida Keys SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, KAIR, Grace Jones Day Care, Marathon High School, Autism Society of the Keys, City of Key Colony Beach.